I have a few slots open for high school math and ACT preparation. They will fill quickly, so give me a call at (316)734-3954. I might be with a student, so please leave a message.

Failing math? Hermantown Tutoring to the rescue!

Welcome, and thanks for choosing Hermantown Tutoring!  Teresa Engelmann specializes in math and ACT tutoring, and is anxious to help your student with their tutoring needs.

SUPPORT FOR DISTANCE LEARNING:  Teresa can help your student's transition to distance learning. If you are in the Hermantown area, she can come to you!

IMPROVING MATH UNDERSTANDING:  Teresa works with individual students, helping them to better understand math concepts so that they can do well in school and in life.  Helping with homework is a part of that, but building the skills needed for a solid foundation is the goal. Better grades are sure to be the result!

IMPROVING TEST-TAKING SKILLS:  Many students freeze when it comes time to take tests. Teresa will help students organize their notes and learn strategies that will help them be more successful when they take tests.

IMPROVING STUDY SKILLS:  Good study skills and work ethic are keys to success, not only in school, but in life.  Teresa strives to help students learn habits that will help them to be more organized and to be able to make better use of their time.

IMPROVING YOUR ACT SCORES:  Most students need to take the ACT in order to go to college, and a good score is key to getting into the right school with the right scholarships.  Students working with Teresa have had great results in raising their ACT scores by learning strategies and practicing the skills needed to do well when their test day arrives.

Specializing in:

Early Childhood number concepts and phonics

Elementary Math including multiplication/division, fractions, decimals and percents 


Algebra I, II, and College Algebra

Trigonometry and Pre Calc

ACT and GED Preparation


26.05.2017 14:08

Tammy Skelton

Teresa Engelmann, you will be awesome! You really helped Amber Skelton when she was in your classes! Thank you so much for caring about her and making it possible for her to succeed!